Claire and Trey

He was truly the perfect fit for both of us, in both style and execution. The best part? A beautiful friendship emerged from working with him!

Anthony was nothing but professional, but because of the friendship that brewed from the first video chat forward, he was there to capture all of the moments that really mattered to us. He even cried at our wedding! That should tell you exactly how much he cares about the couples he works with.

He chooses you, just as much as you choose him! If you want a quirky (ask him about pickles), great humored, stealthy, caring, hip (yes, I said it), photographer, he's the man for you!

Diana and Matt

When I got our wedding photos, tears filled my eyes because he took me back. I literally laughed and cried as I scrolled through our photos one by one.

I was in awe of his ability to capture moments and freeze them in the form of an image. He’s going to fulfill the wedding photo dreams of so many more couples.

Taylor and Tony

Anthony is kind, super funny, unique, and truly wants to be a part of your day. Never once does he feel like he’s doing this for the “business” or for a “paycheck.” He invests in his couples; he truly made us feel important.

If you’re looking for a friend, a photographer, a storyteller, and someone who will literally get on the dance floor to celebrate with you, Anthony is your dude.

Sydnee and Jake

Anthony was an amazing photographer and friend through out the entire process! Our wedding day turned out perfect and Anthony played a huge part in it, we all danced the night away, and our pictures definitely shows it.

Bethany and Mat

The guy is a ninja, not only with the camera but his ability just become one of the family, and that my people is freaking talent. From the bottom of my heart thank you Anthony, you killed it.

Holly and Bryan

Anthony was incredible. His philosophy of photography is to really become friends with his clients and that makes the whole process so enjoyable. I never felt like I was worrying about the photography once we had chosen Anthony, unlike some other vendors I had.

Our best day ever was documented perfectly and that’s the point. You should definitely work with Anthony!

Mary Alice and Ender

I can only describe Anthony as purely awesome. He’s super passionate about what he does; he takes an amazingly artistic and creative approach to his craft.

He has a very fluid, natural method that almost makes your forget that you are being photographed. Anthony is amazing photographer!

Emily and Jimmy

I cannot say enough positive things about Anthony. His photos are so emotional, so natural, and we could tell instantly that he loves his clients like friends. He has a way of putting you at ease, at making you feel like nothing else matters but the two of you at that moment.

Our photos are everything I could have imagined and more. We cannot recommend him enough for couples who are looking for something outside the ordinary for wedding photography.


The Experience