Eddie & Ulysses

Mary Montes

Awesome picture made feel like I was there sharing your happiness in the start of your life together Best Wishes & Thank You for sharing

Thank you. I appreciate it. Glad it brings back how you felt. 😀

Amazing pictures!!! Everything was beautiful and elegant

Definitely was! And thank you! 🙂

They came out absolutely perfect!!!

Thank you. All I need is an awesome couple in love. 🙂

Lorena Donas

**Gasp** Amazing pictures! 😍

Thank you! Can’t have amazing pictures without an amazing couple and wedding. 😉

Love them all!! Wedding of the year 2017❤

Oh em gee Anthony Gauna Photography!!! You freaking nailed it. Let’s do it again!!!

Hell yeah let’s do it again. I’ll see if Eddie and Ulysses is down to get married all over again. Haha. 😜

I’ll send you more photos later this week.

Yaaasss! 🙌🏼😍🍾🎉

Cathy Romo

Every single bit of the Amaya’s wedding was like a dream! Love was in the air and these photos truly capture that!

It definitely was. It’s always great to hear that the photos captured that magic. 🙂

Elizabeth S.

I would totally party with that sort of vibe! Great work, Anthony! Congrats to the happy couple 🙂