Let's get to know each other

If we’re gonna be working together, it’s best we get to know each other a bit more. Professional credentials aside, this is who I am.

A little more about me

I can make a pretty realistic sounding meow. I cuss a whole fucking lot. I wish Dwight Schrute was real and my friend. I pretty much have a fear of pickles. I take selfies in mirrors or of my feet pretty much where ever I go (including weddings). I’m an introvert. I wear a lot of black. I’m 33, but told I look much younger.



– Cats
– Beer & Whiskey
– Meaningful Conversation
– Feminism
– The Smell of Forests
– The Pacific Northwest
– Texas & Texas Shaped Things
– The Smell of Wood & Leather
– The Office (all day every day)
– Puns, Sarcasm, & Inappropriate Jokes
– Dive Bars
– Photographing People
– Genuine Human Connection
– The Tallest Man on Earth (on repeat)

Meet my Family


This is my fiancee, Amanda. She's a bad ass. She's pursuing her Ph.D. She's the bookworm, I'm the artist, and we're both fairly goofy. She's the reason I managed to stay sane on my journey to becoming full-time. Totally supportive and a total babe.


This is my stepson Ethan (Amanda's son). I may not want kids of my own, but he's practically my own and I love him to death. I've seen him grow up since he was 1 years old. He enjoys picking his nose and eating waffles every morning.


This is our cat Nermal. I'm a total cat person, but Nermal is the only cat I don't like. She's Amanda's pride and joy, so she ain't going anywhere. Nermal enjoys eating fancy can food, licking her butt, and annoying the hell outta me.

My Bucket List

Fall In Love • Meet and Photograph Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl • Photograph Wedding In Oregon • Photograph Wedding In Marfa, TX • Photograph Wedding In Washington (PNW not DC) • Photograph Wedding In Sequoia National Park • Propose To Amanda • Photograph Wedding In Colorado • Attend Tony Robbins Event • Meet Stefen of Project Life Mastery • See Tom Petty In ConcertDo Reunion Show With My Band • Marry Amanda • Photograph Wedding In The Redwoods • Shoot Your Wedding