Lightroom Presets

I created these presets a few years ago because I was tired of buying presets, trying them out, and realizing that they just didn’t have the look I was after. I found that with other presets, I was constantly tweaking and making the same adjustments. So, I decided to just create my own presets from the ground up. I started from scratch and and spent almost 2 years perfecting the look of my color and black and white preset to be exactly what I was looking for.

I created them in a way so that I only ever have to adjust exposure, temperature, contrast, split tones, and sometimes vignettes.

There are 2 color presets and 1 black and white preset. Each preset also comes with a “moody” variation. All this means is that the luminance of some colors has been brought down and a vignette has been added. These “moody” variations are a quick fix when you don’t want such a bright and airy look in some photos.

The pack also includes some tools presets to help you tweak and adjust a bit faster. Tool adjustment presets included are: Contrast, Color Tone, Vignette, and Grain.





Below are examples of the presets that are included. Underneath each image, I’ve listed the preset useed along with the quick adjustment presets used (if any).


AGP 01 (Moody – Less Green) / Vignette ++

AGP 01 (Moody) / Vignette ++

AGP 03 (Moody)

AGP 02 (Moody)

AGP 01 (Moody – Less Green)

AGP 01 / Vignette ++

AGP 03

AGP 01 / Contrast + / Warmer

AGP 01 / Warm

AGP 02 / Warmer

AGP 01

AGP 02 / Warm / Vingnette +

AGP 01 (Less Green) / Vingette +



These presets are for Adobe Lightroom only. The presets are intended for RAW photos. They will work on JPG files, but it is not recommended. An install pdf is included.

All sales are final. No returns.