Photos That Are Authentically You

Anoush Anou – Part 01

Creating photographs is something that’s close to my heart. When I’m photographing, all the noise of the world is gone. There’s no bullshit to deal with, no problems, no phone calls, no text messages, no social media, no notifications for god knows what else… The world around me no longer has my attention.

My attention is fully focused in that present moment. I’m just sharing a moment in time connecting with the person or persons I’m photographing. Nothing else matters. I feel free from anxiety when I have that connection with my camera and whoever I’m photographing. I may do photography as a job, a career, or whatever you want to call it, but I’m truly not a business man. Of course I need to get paid to make a living, but I’m not driven by money.

I’m driven by how creating photos makes me feel.

Creating something that captures emotion is important to me. And with the way I photograph, I don’t direct. I don’t ever have thoughts or plans of how I’m going to shoot, because I feel it wouldn’t be true to that moment. And when you’re connecting with the other person(s), it’s a collaboration. It’s about combining how they’re feeling in that present moment with how I’m feeling as well.

Here’s my recent collaboration with Anoush Anou.


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