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I can’t even put enough into written words to describe yesterday.

During their speeches, Claire and Trey pulled a fast one on me. I was not expecting it. I was there just doing what I do, taking pictures. Then I see them both lock eyes with me. In that moment, it hit me. The speech was for me. My eyes immediate started tearing up.

They said the most beautiful things about their experience with me. About how I played a huge part in the wedding and how I brought them even closer. They said way more things that I just can’t even eloquently put into words. They did this in front of all their guests. I froze, put my camera down, and just started to fucking cry. And the whole time, I was trying my best to not cry harder. At the end, they handed me a dundie that says, “Best Photographer Anthony Gauna”.

I’m by no means an amazing photographer. At least in my eyes.

I don’t do anything super incredible or creative, in my opinion. But I truly do care about the people that hire me. I want to show them how beautiful life is and how lucky they both are to have each other. That’s what I do. Whether it be with the photos I capture or by the friendships we create through us all being open and vulnerable with each other.

I truly do give a fuck.

Thank you Claire and Trey and thank you to every single couple I’ve photographed and will be photographing. And thank you to Brandon Fletcher for second shooting and being there to capture this moment for me. Too many feels. ❤️

I don’t give a fuck about winning awards for my photography. I don’t chase that shit. It’s not worth my time.

But when your couple/now friends pour their hearts out about you in front of all their guests and give you a custom Dundie with your name on it, that’s a real fucking award that matters.