It was a perfectly gorgeous day for Taylor & Tony’s Hodge Podge Lodge wedding in Montgomery, TX. The venue was beautiful and the weather was nice. A bit on the warm side, but that’s to be expected in Texas.

It was incredible seeing their day come together.

I met Taylor via Facebook. We had a lot in common about our philosophy of photography. I like to bend the rules and shoot my way and she’s the same. About a year ago, we met for the first time and she photographed Amanda and I. You can find us somewhere on her photography website here. I also photographed a few portraits of her. Soon after, she breaks the great news that they’re engaged and hires me!

It was exciting cause this was the second couple I’ve photographed where someone was a photographer. I love working with other creatives! Our minds just understand one another.

I had a great time. I woke up and opened their incredible gift to me, totally lost it when they read their vows, ate some tasty food and sweets, and had a few beers. Oh, and I totally dropped it like it’s hot on the dance floor with them.

Check out their new blog called Blissfully Torres, where they blog about marriage, homemaking, and life as one. Until then, enjoy re-living their beautiful day.

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I LOVE your style. You are a major inspiration to a beginner photography like me. I hope one day to be as incredible as you!

I appreciate your kind words Samantha. My “style” is more inspired by the couples that come into my life. That’s what inspires me and keeps me moving forward. No matter how great you think anyone is, they all need to keep improving. But you must always remember too that there is no perfection. It doesn’t exist. I’m always striving to improve my skills and my eye. Photography, like anything else, is something that can always be improved. I checked out your work and it’s great. Keep it up. Be inspired by life. Always practice. Never stop. And don’t let anyone tell you how to shoot. When I started out, photographers told me I was doing a lot wrong. But I just don’t care. I’m not driven by having the best gear or the most photography education, I’m driven by life. Go out and find your “why”. Discover why you like to photograph and then go out photograph it. That’s the best way to get better at your craft because you’re just inspired by what you love. Hope that helps!


Something else is coming your way! By mail, email, and text! 😉