I created this page so that I can open up more opportunities for doing personal work. If you’ve landed on this page, you might be interested.

Personal work is what fuels me, helps me practice, try new things, and overall keeps me creative. For me, it’s nice to just create for creating-sake.


First and foremost, this is totally free to sign up and if chosen, will be no cost to you. However, this does mean I can’t take on every submission I get. So, if you’re not chosen, please do not take it personally.

Please note, you do not have to be a model. I have one or two friends that are pretty much my muses, but this page gives me the opportunity to work with more people just like you.

Here’s a list of what I’m interested in photographing.


This has been something I want to pursue again. Giving others a way to empower themselves and embrace who they are, just as they are, is something I’m passionate about wanting to do more of. My hope is to build enough of a portfolio, so that it can become just as much of my business as weddings are.

Who am I looking to photograph? Anyone. Women, men, couples – no matter how you identify. This is about positivity and embracing who you are.

As far as nudity goes, that’s up to your comfortability level. This can be anywhere from implied nudity to full nudity.




I photograph so many couples that it would be nice to do more portrait work. Just simple portraits whether outdoors, indoors, where ever. I’m always drawn to people with unique looks and tastes in fashion. Tatts, piercings, etc always welcome.



This is for couples or just one person. I just want to photograph people in their homes. If you have a unique home/place of living, I want to photograph you in it. Ideally would like a place that has great window light.



I’m interested in finding couples that want go somewhere to do a session. Places like Marfa, TX, Monahan Sand Dunes, etc. Got a location idea you wanna travel to, let me know. Please note, this does not apply to weddings.


If you have an idea for a shoot or session that’s a bit on the creative side, I’m down for the challenge.



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