Throughout the years I’ve been a wedding photographer, I’ve had the honor of working alongside some incredible people. Before I refer my couples to other vendors, I make sure they’ve met my standards. What I mean by that is that I wholeheartedly would trust them with my own wedding. I wanted to take it a step further with some vendors I brag about and feature them on my blog. These will be a bit sporadic, but the first of these posts is San Antonio wedding planner, Katy, of Snap Chic Planning! Take it away Katy!


Introduce yourself!


Hey guys! My name is Katy Padilla and I run Snap Chic Planning.  We offer both event planning and coordinating as well as social media management for businesses (mostly wedding-related ones!).  I grew up in Michigan, graduated from Michigan State, and have a huge love for college football, coffee, and travel!  When I’m not planning weddings I’m out to dinner/drinks with my husband and friends, or at home snuggling our two pups and playing board games.

What got you interested in starting your business?


I know it sounds cliché, but planning my own wedding!  I was working in retail management for years prior to the start of Snap Chic Planning, and it kind of happened unexpectedly and organically once my own wedding was complete.  I’ve always had a passion for people and I’m obsessed about making plans and timelines in my own home life, so it just made perfect sense!  My husband and I hired Snap Chic Photography to shoot our wedding, and we had such a great connection and I discussed my love for the entire process of wedding planning, and then the business was born!

What are your best tips for choosing a San Antonio wedding planner?


Look at their work, do your research on questions to ask, and truly feel a connection with the person before hiring them!  These individuals will become a large part of your life for the next year or so, and you want to have similar personalities and goals for your big day!

What two mistakes should couples avoid when choosing a planner?


I would say, do not choose a planner (or any vendor for that matter) just based on the price of their services.  While it may seem like a great idea to hire that planner that is $500 cheaper than the one you just met with, I truly believe in you get what you pay for.  Respect your budget and do not find yourself creating debt for your big day, but at the same time realize the value that comes with your professional vendors.

Also I think it’s hugely important to have a good understanding of what packages your planner offers and what is included in yours. Be completely up front and honest with what you expect/need from a planner on the big day (and the months leading up to it), so that you can ensure you both are on the same page and it makes the entire process seamless and stress free for you!

What is a misconception that most couples have?


I think one of the biggest misconceptions I hear from couples is, “Do I really need a planner?” Yes, yes you do.  It does not have to be me, but I strongly suggest and encourage you hire (at minimum) a day-of coordinator for your big day. The last thing you want to do is add a task or job for a friend or family member of yours, when they should be a guest and enjoying themselves on the big day! Leave it to the professionals, and the rest will all come together. 😊

What do you feel sets you apart from others in the industry?


I have a large hospitality background, and my entire life and careers have been around serving others, and I bring that to my planning business.  Don’t be surprised if you send an email at 1030p at night and I reply within 10 minutes.  I have an immense passion for what I do, for those I work with, and for love in general.

Anything else you’d like to say?


I just feel very honored that Anthony asked me to do this piece with him! We had the pleasure of working a wedding together at Hotel Emma for Kat and AJ’s wedding in Fall 2017, and his work and the process in which he shoots and becomes a part of the couple’s big day is incredible, and you do not see that very much in the industry. I highly recommend him as both a vendor and a friend, and I hope we get to work some more weddings together in the future. Cheers!



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