Photos That Are Authentically You

Theresa Manchester

Because I’m a wedding photographer for a living, I’ve always felt and been told that I need to only show wedding work online. I’ve slowly been ditching that mindset.

I love my camera. I love to create. I love people. I love meeting them, getting to know them, and photographing them. I’m always thinking of ways to creatively and honestly photograph who or what I’m photographing – Even in my wedding work.

I’ve been feeling like I’m lying to everyone online by only showing wedding work. Cause truth is, I just absolutely love photography in general.

Creating and capturing with my camera is my outlet for my emotions. It always has been. And I truly feel it did save my life years ago when I was feeling hopeless in all aspects of my life. Photography is the one thing I feel I’m decent at and it helps me in so many ways. And throughout the years, I’ve become great at photographing weddings too. I know what all goes into them, what to expect, and what’s important.

Once again, this isn’t to say I don’t like weddings. I love them. I value relationships. I value love and marriage. I just don’t want to be seen as just a wedding photographer – I want to be seen as someone who loves photography, values people, and values relationships.

Here’s some non-wedding work that hasn’t seen the light of day until now.

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