Photos That Are Authentically You

Kenna + Tim

A few weeks prior to an upcoming wedding in Portland, OR, I posted on my Instagram that I wanted to give away an engagement session. I love the PNW so much that I wanted to photograph more people while I was up there.

Kenna and Tim were the first to respond. So, I treated them like I do all my couples. We met up on Skype and got to chat so that we could get to know each other. I was excited because I had yet another couple to photograph up in Portland and still had plenty of time to go exploring the city with my girlfriend on other days.

It had been a bit cloudy the day we planned to shoot. So, by the time we had met up, it was closer to sunset and a bit darker. We drove around trying to find the perfect spot and wound up deciding on Washington Park. As soon as we began shooting, drizzle started. We walked around a little bit to shoot at different spots, but after a few minutes it started to actually rain.

What we wound up doing was finding spots where the trees were covering us from the rain. I was mostly concerned with my new camera getting wet. And by that time, it was already dark. I relied on practically the only light that was available at that point… the lamp posts.

Kenna and Tim were awesome for sticking it through the shoot while it was raining.

That’s dedication.


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