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I was at my dad’s apartment. His kitchen closet is where he keeps his trash can. Every time I’m there, I open and close that closet whenever I need to throw something away.

One day, I noticed what looked like a photo album. So, I pulled it off the shelf, opened it up, and sure enough, there were a ton of photos in there from when I was a kid.

When I was young I hated having pictures taken of me. Now that I’m older, I appreciate them so much.

I began looking through the first set of photos on the left-hand side and immediately stopped when I saw a polaroid of my parents getting married.

Why was this a big deal?

My parents divorced when I was young. The thought of them together makes me cringe, lol, but I never knew there were any photos of them from when they were married. In fact, this one polaroid may be the only photo from their wedding. It was wild to see and the feeling it gave me was indescribable.

Photos are powerful. Even just simple little snapshots.

We live in an age where we all take a ton of photos on our phones. Most of the time they stay on our phones or go up on Facebook or Instagram. We “lack time” cause it’s always go, go, go in our busy lives. We say we’ll print out photos but never get around to it.

I’m a photographer because I want to give people back their memories.

I literally give away prints credits to every wedding couple that works with me. I make sure every wedding couple receives an album. I sit down with every couple and design it with them and for them.

I’ve made it my mission to ensure everyone’s memories don’t go unforgotten on a laptop or phone. I want everyone’s memories to physically exist as reminders of who they love. I want everyone’s children to have the opportunity to stumble upon their families memories just as I did.

When couples hire me, they’re not hiring someone who’s just going to send over a download link.

They’re gonna get someone who cares. Someone who puts in the hard work to ensure their story lives on for generations.

This is why I’m a photographer.

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