Wedding photography for non-traditional couples

I help couples have authentic wedding photos instead of awkwardly posed ones.

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I'm Anthony

I wanna crash your wedding.

I’m a Texas-based wedding photographer. Your experience with me is all-inclusive, personal, and nothing short of bad ass. Make yourself at home. Crack open that beer or pour yourself a whiskey. When you’re ready, let's hang out and get to know each other.

There’s no right or wrong way to get married
Ignore the big name wedding industry blogs talking about trends.
Screw the supposed to’s, formalities, and little things that don’t matter.
Ditch the cookie-cutter crap. Celebrate with those you love and just do you.


These couples were not paid to say these kind words...
But they might've have been tipsy.

"A beautiful friendship emerged from working with him! He even cried at our wedding! That should tell you exactly how much he cares about the couples he works with."

- Claire & Trey

"Un-freaking believable. Anthony will be your greatest investment."

- Nina & Abiel

"He has a way of putting you at ease, at making you feel like nothing else matters but the two of you at that moment."

- Emily & Jimmy

"When I got our wedding photos, tears filled my eyes because he took me back. I literally laughed and cried as I looked through our photos one by one."

- Diana & Matt

"The guy is a ninja, not only with the camera but his ability just become one of the family, and that my people is freaking talent."

- Bethany & Mat

"I never felt like I was worrying about the photography once we had chosen Anthony."

- Holly & Bryan

"I can only describe Anthony as purely awesome. He has a very fluid, natural method that almost makes you forget that you are being photographed."

- Mary Alice & Ender

"He's one of those rare wedding vendors that makes you feel like he's already family and that he cares about your wedding day as much as you do."

- Stephanie & Sean

"Anthony was the most authentic piece about our wedding. This is the kind of guy you meet once and you want to invite him over to have bbq at your parents house, so we did just that!"

- Alex & James

"Not only does he take unique and exquisite pictures, he is also incredibly easy to work with, a very organized professional, and is a kind and thoughtful person."

- John & Margatet

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