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Fuck the trends. Fuck the cookie-cutter photos. Just be yourself.

Authentic Photography For Non-Traditional Folks

Anthony Gauna Photo is an all-inclusive San Antonio-based wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer offering authentic, bold, and moody images designed for non-traditional and modern folks. Serving San Antonio, Austin, and all of Texas.


Meet Anthony (he/him/they) 

I'm a San Antonio based wedding & portrait photographer. I help people get authentic photos of themselves.

I create photos that showcase your personality and the things that make you and your story unique. I understand how big a decision finding the right photographer is. The biggest advice I can give you is to hire people you vibe with. Chemistry, values, and a sense of humor are just as important as "has camera, can take photos".

Anthony Gauna Photography prides itself on doing things differently and photographing authentic moments as they happen. 

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I believe great photos are personal.

I'm not here to create boring cookie-cutter images that have no personality just because they're what you see on Instagram. I prefer getting to know the people I work with and letting their personalities shine through.

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