Anthony Gauna Photo is a San Antonio-based wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer offering authentic, bold, and moody images.

My Story

As I was being escorted out by security my boss told me, “Good luck”.

In 2006, my band came close to being signed to a record label. After we turned down the contract, two of the members left and the band broke up. I felt lost in life until I picked up a camera in 2010. I became obsessed with photography and was convinced it was what I was meant to do. It consumed me so much that it got me fired from a cubicle job I had. As I was being escorted out by security my boss told me, "Good luck". I responded, “I don’t need your luck”. Getting fired was the best thing that happened to me. It gave me the push to pursue my dreams. That was in 2012. And since then, I've been a full-time photographer continually chasing the dream and doing what I feel I was put on this Earth to do.

Photography is sacred & I intend to keep it that way.

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Hey there,
I'm Anthony!

Photographer, Husband, Dad, Failed Rockstar, & Total Goofball

Hey there. I’m Anthony Gauna (he/him/they). When I was younger, I was hang-banging musician that came close to getting signed. After my band broke up, I picked up a camera in 2010 and LITERALLY learned how to use it by photographing bands while in mosh pits at dark dive bars. In 2012, I was fired from a data-entry job and took the risk of doing photography as my full-time career. Since then, I've photographed hundreds of weddings and people. 

I specialize in weddings, couples, and boudoir photography. I'm obsessed with authenticity and my focus is to document everyone as they are. I'm also a husband and dad. I'm an ambivert (a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features). When I’m not busy working on my business you’ll find me in my cozy apartment with my wife Amanda, our son Ethan, and our cat Nermal. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, listening to loud rock music, going on walks, sipping on Lone Star beer, dad jokes, and laughing a lot.


She's waaaaaay smarter than me. She's got a fuckin' PHD. She's a doctor of sociology. She also loves naps, reading, trash TV, and stitching.

The Wife

Meet My Family

The Son


He loves watching Bob's Burgers or SNL, playing Minecraft or Fortnite, collecting Pokemon cards, reading, and doing crafty science experiments.

The Cat


She's a terrible creature. She loves stealing human food, getting into the cat treat cabinet, hissing at people, and biting you for no reason.

Quick Facts

OBSESSED WITH Productivity
Apple nerd & Tech Nerd
Don't like Sweets or chocolate
Absolutely love movie popcorn
Indie / Screamo / Rock / Metal
always wearing black + Flannels
I love creating photos for people

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