Meet Anthony

The Dude Behind The Camera

I'm obsessed with creating artistic images from photographing candid moments - You be you & I'll be me. Simple. Fun.

I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in San Antonio, TX, and I've been doing this full-time for the past 10 years. Crazy to think that I've shot over 200 weddings! Every time I think about it, I'm like, "Damn, this is really my job?" I absolutely love what I have the honor to do!

My Story

My band turned down a record deal and broke up. I felt lost in life until I picked up a camera.

In my early 20s, I was hang-banging guitarist in an emo-ish rock band that came close to getting signed to a record label. However, the band turned down the deal and broke up shortly after. I felt lost in life until, in 2010, I picked up a camera. I went to dive bars and learned to use my camera in mosh pits. That's when it all changed.

I became obsessed with photography. I was asked to photograph a wedding in 2011. After that experience, that was the moment I felt it was what I was meant to do. I had a cubicle job at the time, but would spend most of my time day-dreaming about making photography my full-time career. In August 2012, I wound up getting fired and I used that as the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I moved into my dad's for a bit, lived off ramen, used my savings to buy more camera equipment I needed, and launched my website. The rest is history. I love making money doing something I love. I'm honored and grateful I get to meet new people and create art for them. I can't wait to create something for you!

The many hats I wear:

Husband & Dad

< my life's greatest work

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Behind The Scenes

Curious what the experience is like? Not sure what to expect?
Go behind the scenes with me at a real wedding. See how it all comes together from start to finish with me by your side. 

(3 minutes)

Quick Facts

OBSESSED WITH Productivity
Apple nerd & Tech Nerd
Don't like Sweets or chocolate
Absolutely love movie popcorn
Indie / Screamo / Rock / Metal
always wearing black + Flannels
I love creating photos for people

real results:

"If you book Anthony to be your wedding photographer, you WILL NOT regret it!"

Anthony took the time to get to know my fiancé and I well before the wedding. I'm so eternally grateful to have had Anthony as our photographer; the photos are gorgeous and exactly what I hoped for. Thank you, Anthony!

-Sydney & Weston

"He has a special eye for creativity, emotion, and most importantly, love."

When I got our wedding photos, tears filled my eyes because he took me back. I literally laughed and cried as I scrolled through our photos one by one.

-Diana & Matt

"We could not have asked for a better photographer for our wedding."

Anthony was quick to respond, very involved, really cool, and down to earth. His vision matched exactly what we wanted and our high hopes were surpassed by his work. He was flexible to what we needed and was able to work around the craziness of our wedding, including some cacti. We look forward to working with Anthony again in the future.

-Brittney & Cody

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