Photos That Are Authentically You

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You value finding the right photographer for your wedding. You care about the important emotional moments instead of the superficial stuff the wedding industry emphasizes.

You want your wedding day documented in a beautiful, creative, and authentic way.

You want a photographer that not only specializes in weddings but is also passionate about shooting them.

You’re also probably awkward in front of a camera and have anxious feelings about having your photo taken. And let me tell you, I totally get it. Having your picture taken is a weird thing. My wife and I feel the same way. Lol.

Have no worry though. I'm here to help with that.

My Approach, Philosophy, Values
Cultivate Relationships To Build Trust + Authenticity

I’ve been photographing weddings full-time since 2012 and planned my own wedding.
I totally understand how much hard you’re going through. 

As your photographer, my job is much more than a day of shooting. It’s about giving you a fun, stress-free, and unforgettable experience. Not only do I help you with planning your timeline, but I also get to know you on a personal level. Having an authentic connection with me helps you trust me and put you at ease so that you don’t look awkward in your photos. It also helps me understand who and what is important to you so that we make sure those moments are captured. I don’t work off of standard shot lists because everyone is unique. You need meaningful photos instead of cookie cutter ones.

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