Ninna + Abiel

If you’re looking for a smaller outdoor venue for a shorter wedding in San Antonio, TX, Ninna & Abiel pretty much found a gem! Their Gardens at West Green wedding was perfect.

I had never heard of this place until Ninna & Abiel told me about it. After having photographed their wedding there, my fiancée and I might actually be looking into getting married there. Seems perfect for us too.

As with all small weddings, theirs was a blast filled with love. Ninna’s nephews were dancing and singing on the dance floor, mom was doing the robot, and Abiel’s friends threw him up in the air! I almost thought he was gonna fall flat on his face! Lol. It was a beautiful and great time.

In The Couple’s Words:

“Un-freaking believable. I can’t imagine things being any more perfect than they turned out to be and I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t have Anthony as their wedding photographer for the following reasons: 1) He has a laid back personality, and has a calming presence on your wedding day. 2) Anthony’s attentiveness and communication in on POINT. 3) Throughout the reception, he was like a shadow- always there when you needed to grab him for a group shot, but not an intrusive presence AND he got so many hilarious dancing action shots! 4) HE WAS ABLE TO CAPTURE RAW MOMENTS. My husband has a dislike for taking pictures/selfies but Anthony was able to capture his genuine smile throughout the day! 5) His website, payment, invoicing and file download system is the absolute easiest thing ever. It’s easy to go back and order photos, view invoices. This system makes the whole process so secure and easy I WISH everyone was set up with a professional system like his. Anthony will be your greatest investment. The photos are how you will remember the day (cliché but so true) Thank you Anthony!  We hope to work with you in the near future :)”

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