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Moments are what fuel me. Real moments. The ones you can’t take back. The ones that stop time. It was hard choosing photos to blog from Alex & James’ Gardens of Cranesbury View wedding, so I went with just my favorite moments. My approach with any wedding is to just be a guest. And photograph things like a guest, family member, or friend would have photographed. Also, if you haven’t seen their engagement session, go have a look here.

Alex & James, I’ll be hitting you up to hang out next time I’m in Vegas!

In The Couple’s Words:

“Anthony was the most authentic piece about our wedding. We last minute (4 weeks before the big day) found him to shoot our wedding, and even with the short amount of time we had to prepare/connect with one another he did so effortlessly and quickly at that. I mean this is the kind of guy you meet once and you want to invite him over to have bbq at your parents house, so we did just that! Even with the tight amount of time he squeezed in a shoot at my parents property just so we felt comfortable with the camera. When in all reality what made us comfortable was that it was him behind the camera reminding us to be ourselves. His effort, persona, communication, and work ethic is the kind you want to entrust with your captured memories. And don’t let me forget, he gave us such a sincere gift at the end, this guy is the real deal to say the least.”

– Alex & James

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