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I'm a wedding, portrait , & boudoir photographer based in San Antonio, TX. I help people get authentic photos of themselves.
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Katherine + Harding’s wedding at Hayes Hollow will always be one for me to remember. Why? Cause I saved the day on this one. How? By letting the groom use my wedding ring! Lol.

When I arrived at the venue, their planner, Carissa of Momentous Weddings, immediately pulled me aside to give me the heads up. That morning, Harding had lost his wedding ring and Katherine had no idea. Carissa was trying to find him a replacement, but couldn’t find anything in his size. So, I offered to let him use mine for the ceremony if it fit. Luckily, it did. I then texted my wife to let her know. Her text back was basically, “Don’t lose it!”. Haha. You’ll see my ring make an appearance in the photos below.

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“Anthony was a joy to work with from beginning to end! He would literally give you the shirt off his back if it would make your wedding day go smoother (ask me how I know :D ). We did our initial consultation (a video chat where we got to know each other and drank some beer/wine/whisky) and were pretty much completely sold right then, but Anthony made sure we did not feel rushed or pressured in any way. He gave us time to think about things and reach out to other photographers before we booked with him. We then scheduled our couples session with him. Even though this was our first time meeting face-to-face, it felt like we were old friends already. Even so, having your photo taken a million times was not something either of us was used to, so having that time to connect with Anthony (while he was holding a camera) was a great way to get some of those jitters out before the big day :) And what a day it was! Anthony was an integral part of our ceremony, even more than most other photographers would have been. I couldn’t recommend Anthony more. He was easy to talk to and communicate with throughout the entire planning process and the day of. My planner LOVED working with him and said he is one of her favorite wedding photographers now. Our photos were stunning! And we got our digital photos and our wedding album incredibly fast, especially considering we got married on 2/29/2020, right before everything shut down.”

– Katherine & Harding


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