Hidden Falls Wedding | Lauren + Forrest | Anthony Gauna Photography

Lauren and Forrest’s Hidden Falls wedding was filled with so many emotions. I’m going to admit that I got teary-eyed so many different times from both emotional moments to just straight up laughing so much.

Lauren’s dad had passed away, so it was important to her that her grandpa be a big part of the wedding. There were just so many emotional moments around her and her grandpa. And then at the end of the night, being told by them how much they appreciate me and how I helped make their wedding one of the best days of their life got me emotional as well.

I know I’m mentioning more of the emotional moments, but as you see in the photos below, there was definitely an equal amount of fun, drunken times as well.


In The Couple’s Words:

“Our wedding was nothing short of the wedding of my dreams. What made it even more special was how Anthony capture the most special moments. All the compliments we have been getting are “They’re so real and show true emotions”. We are both just so in love with all of the photos and cannot stop looking at them! Every bride needs to know that there are most definitely going to be things that go wrong. While a few handful of things were frustrating, Anthony was far from that list. From the very beginning, he has been the most amazing person (and vendor). He was hands down our #1 favorite. From start to finish, everything was easy, organized, fun, he was punctual, and more. His work truly reflects the experience you will have with him. I will be using him for any important life events in our life, meaning we will be flying back to Texas from Seattle to do just that. We didn’t just hire a photographer, we gained a friend.”

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