Micah & Kaeden | Japanese Tea Garden San Antonio Wedding


Anthony Gauna

Photographer, San Antonio, TX

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I’m born and raised in San Antonio and the Japanese Tea Garden has always been in my life. I remember when I was 15, some friends and I snuck in late at night and were hanging out behind the fence all the way at the top listening to music from our friend’s car. It was probably White Pony by the Deftones. We eventually got seen by security, but managed to make it out before actually getting caught. Lol.

Cut to my life after being a photographer since 2012, this was actually my first time photographing a wedding at the Japanese Tea Garden. Admittedly, I’ve stayed away from it from a photographic-sense because it’s usually packed with tourists and/or many other photographers taking pictures of other people. Basically, it’s usually impossible to get great photos with tons of people in the background.

But when Micah and Kaeden inquired about their wedding, I was absolutely down for my first wedding here. They were able to get a portion blocked off from the public which made the pictures and experience much easier. They chose this venue specifically because it was a favorite spot of their and chose the Winter time because it best coordinated with jewel tones. As you can see, they looked absolutely stunning.

Anthony Gauna

Photographer, San Antonio, TX

Anthony Gauna has been providing wedding and portrait photography services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 2012. He is considered one of the top photographers in San Antonio by Expertise, Peerspace, Giggster, and WeddingRule.


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