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This was the first time I’d ever photographed a family member’s wedding. Lemme tell you, I was nervous as hell. When my cousin contacted me about photographing their Miltown Historic District wedding, he made sure to tell me in his email that they were not searching for a “family discount”. He told me they just genuinely appreciated my style of photography. He and I have always shared similar interests, particularly in styles of music.

But I guess the one thing I was worried about was family members pulling me left and right on the wedding day. I tend to mentally prepare myself for the worst-case scenarios in any situation in life. But luckily, it wasn’t stressful at all. It turned out really nice.

I still did my usual and gave them the same experience I give all my couples. I was able to “work” yet still enjoy myself like I was at a family gathering. My uncles, cousins, dad, sister, and niece were all there. It was a really nice night. And yes, they’re in this post of images! I’ll admit that I sometimes feel like my family and friends don’t understand all the work that I put into photographing weddings. So, I’ll be totally honest in saying that it was nice to have everyone see how much I work just on a wedding day itself.

In The Couple’s Words:

“Anthony was one of the best decisions Nick and I made during the wedding planning process. Let me start by saying that he is Nick”s cousin, but that is not why we chose him. I loved his pictures to the point that I would stalk his website/blog and obsess over his pictures before we even reached out to him to ask him to photograph our wedding. I was nervous in the way that you’re nervous to talk to anyone that your admire. I am beyond grateful that he agreed to help us capture memories for our wedding. He made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. His approach felt natural and effortless. Its not easy having your picture taken but the results when we got our pictures were beautiful. I couldn’t believe that we were looking as US!!! I’ve never been very confident in my appearance but when I looked at our pictures I truly felt beautiful. Not only that, but he captured the essence of the relationship Nick and I have and that was more beautiful than anything. During the wedding, he was fantastic. I feel like he went above and beyond to help us out and not because were family but because that is just the person he is. He is passionate about what he does and it shines through when you are working with him. He is so kind and understanding. There is no better person we could have had to do this for us. I didn’t know how to write a review without sounding the least bit biased because I was marrying into his family. But I can honestly say with out a doubt I would have hired him no matter what. We didn’t get a family discount. We didn’t ask for one, and to be honest we wouldn’t have wanted to regardless. Anthony’s work is pure and wonderful and the way that it will make you feel just when you receive your pictures is beyond what I would have expected. Nick and I are truly grateful for the work he did and I am truly blessed to get to call him family now. I can’t thank him enough.”

Cassandra + Nicholas

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