Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Mansion Wedding // Holly & Bryan

Let me just tell you, Holly & Bryan are two cool ass people. They’re both English teachers, so their wedding theme was based around books. In fact, I took a few Harry Potter books that were centerpieces home to my girlfriend, Amanda, cause she’s not only a book reader, but a huge Harry Potter fan. I must say too that their vows and toasts were quite incredible. I wish I were as good at words as they are.

I remember not only their email to me, but meeting them as well. I was just stoked cause Bryan is also a photographer. So, it was fucking awesome because he totally understood where I was coming from photography-wise the day of the wedding. Overall though, it was cool just being able to have camera conversations. When we had our last meeting before the wedding, he was showing me a few rolls of film he shot and it inspired me to go out and buy a film slr camera and start shooting film. Bryan also just released his first book titled, Beat Happening! If you’re interested, you can find more info on it here.

Some of my favorite memories from their wedding was them taking a selfie right after their kiss, the bottle of whiskey being passed around with the GoPro attached to it, the sign in area with Polaroids to take selfies with, the great beer selection, and overall good times on the dance floor. It was one hell of night.

In The Couple’s Words:

“Anthony was incredible. His philosophy of photography is to really become friends with his clients and that makes the whole process so enjoyable. I never felt like I was worrying about the photography once we had chosen Anthony, unlike some other vendors I had. His contract and communication were so clear. His turn around time was SO fast and he gave us the best photos. I have said so much about him personally, but truly the photos were amazing and I’m so glad we went with Anthony. Our best day ever was documented perfectly and that’s the point. You should definitely work with Anthony!”


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