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It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a blog on here that isn’t a post about a wedding or session or even a resource. I used to post life updates, news, personal posts, etc, on here, but eventually deleted them because I felt like my blog should be “professional”.

Somewhere along the line I took the advice everyone gives of having separation when it comes to running a photography business. The big thing that you hear “experts” say is that when you run a business, you must niche down to show you’re a professional at what you do. And I slowly began to take that advice. I stripped this website of everything except my wedding and couples photos work. I felt like if I mainly did weddings, I shouldn’t be showing any other work that.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Changes Are Coming In 2023

01 – I’ve Been In Business Since 2012 / Gained Confidence

I started my business in 2012! At the time of writing this, that’s already over 10 years ago. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence in being a wedding photographer that I no longer question or care what people think if they see other work besides weddings on my website.

02 – My Approach Has Always Been Personal

When I initially started this business in 2012, I went under a business name because I wanted to seem professional. But I realized that how I was running things and interacting with my clients was very personal. So, I switched to just my name. I meet with everyone before they decide to book. I usually spend an hour with them chatting, getting to know them, and ensuring all their questions get answered. I care about the people who hire me and I want to make sure they’re comfortable so that their personalities come through in their photos. I stay in touch and have photographed some clients for many years for different events in their life.

03 – I Create Art Out Of The Ordinary No Matter What

There honestly is no difference in the way I photograph between all my various client work. I’ve always been obsessed with documenting life. It’s fascinating to be able to freeze a moment in time to be able to look back on. In my personal life, I take so many snapshots of things I want to remember or feel. When people hire me, I want them to experience the same thing. This is why I primarily document (ie: take candid photos) and don’t do much posing of people. I always photograph things with my curiosity of trying to create art out of something others might see as ordinary.

04 – Making Up For Lost Time (ie: The Pandemic)

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I completely stopped taking photos for obvious reasons. But even in my personal life at home, I barely picked up a camera. It was a time in life, I didn’t want to look back on and remember. In 2021, I got a few client jobs. Not as many as pre-pandemic times, but it was enough to fuel me with excitement of re-connecting with my camera. And this year, 2022, well it’s been bonkers busy. I’ve photographed so much their year that hasn’t been seen on either social media or on my website. If I stuck to just being just the wedding expert, some of my other work would go unseen. I want to share it all.

05 – I No Longer Want To Feel Restricted

Since started in 2012, I dabbled in many different genres, but my main focus was weddings from the start. Shortly after starting up in 2012, my wife thought I should give boudoir a try. I had a few boudoir clients, but it wasn’t until the very end of 2020 when I decided make it an official service available on my website. Even since the beginning, I was getting past wedding clients asking if I could do their maternity and/or family photos. They always had hesitation when reaching out cause they thought I only wanted to do weddings. But no more! Family/Maternity sessions will soon be an official service available on here.

06 – I’m Redefining Who I Am As A Photographer

I had a wonderful conversation with a close friend and photographer recently. I told him my thoughts and ideas about this change I wanted to make in 2023 and he encouraged me to think differently. He said, “Anthony, you’re a photographer. You have your way of seeing things because of who you are and what makes you you.” He suggested that when people ask me what I do, I respond with “I’m a photographer”. And if people ask me if I do (x) type of photography, like weddings for instance, I can simply respond with, “Yes, I’m a photographer that photographs weddings”. Just that slight change is enough to pull me out of being put into a box.

07 – I’m Drawn To Important Moments In People’s Lives

After taking a step back, it’s now completely obvious that I prefer photographing important moments in people’s lives. That’s not just people getting married. That can also be celebrating an anniversary (couples), having a baby (maternity), documenting loved ones (family), or celebrating self-love (boudoir). Things that don’t excite is corporate headshots, real-estate, etc. Why? Cause just work and not necessarily an important moment for someone.

What Changes Are Coming?

In no particular order, I plan on doing a much needed portfolio update on the work that is currently on my website – weddings, couples, boudoir. From there, I’ll be adding in portfolios for families, my portrait work, and even personal work like bands or some of my everyday snapshots. I want to share my full body of work on here to give people a full-view of how I see the world around me.

Other things will be more resources for couples, more blog posts that are related to tips, and even personal life update blog posts like this one.

So far, I have one behind-the-scenes video in the editing process. I can’t wait to share that with you.

I’ve had a few requests of prints of some personal photographs of mine, so I want to open up an online art print shop for just that.

And overall, I want to get better at sending out email newsletters with updates, hellos, etc.

I’m so excited for 2023 and everything that will come. I appreciate you being here and reading this!

Hi, I'm Anthony!

I’ve been providing wedding and portrait photography in San Antonio since 2012.

 I’m honored to be recognized as one of the top photographers in the area by Expertise, Peerspace, Giggster, and WeddingRule.

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