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This has to be one of my favorite Studio 125 Boudoir Photo Sessions I’ve photographed. The florals by Blooms To Go were amazing (as always).

When Amy contacted me about her boudoir shoot, she had seen my Floral boudoir series and it sparked the idea of her doing a similar session at her apartment.

In-Home Boudoir Austin TX

I had a vision for her session. Rey put her trust in me and let me take her session in a direction that even I wasn’t too sure about. All I knew was that I wanted to do something minimalistic with florals.

I’m excited to share this boudoir session with Ainsley. She did the session as a gift to her partner and also herself. Her session along with everything I’ve just shared in this post inspired me to offer a limited-time sale on boudoir sessions once a year for Valentine’s Day!

My dear friend, Anoush Anou, is someone I’ve probably photographed and shared photos of more than ever on my blog. She’s my muse. Whenever her and I get together, we create some beautiful images.

I’ve been so excited to share her boudoir session. It’s got such a cozy in-home sort of feel to the photos.

I want to provide a body positive experience to people who want to feel great in your own skin. I want people to feel empowered by their bodies and sexuality.

I went into this session knowing that I wanted to combine my view on boudoir but mixed in with sort of fine art feel as well. Overall, I just wanted something a bit out of the norm from what I normally produce.

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