Anthony Gauna

Photographer, San Antonio, TX

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I’ve always felt that there is something terribly wrong with the majority of San Antonio boudoir photography out there. My problem with it, is why can’t a woman just be herself in order to look beautiful? My vision for boudoir is nothing more than real and honest. I’m not saying my vision is better or the “right way” to do it, but I want to offer women something different. I’m talking, no lingerie that she wouldn’t normally wear, no high heels, and no cheesy pearl necklaces. I also don’t care to offer a hairstylist or makeup artist. I want to photograph my client’s in their home and in their own clothing that they already own. Nothing fancy. Just her being herself.

I’ve been wanting to do my own version of boudoir for quite some time now. I’ve taken on a few boudoir clients that have come my way within the past two years. Not many… but every one of the women who contacted me was all for my vision and take on boudoir. This year, I want to add a little more focus on boudoir. I’m no longer want to tip toe around it. Like I said… I want to offer women something different than the majority of what’s out there. It’s okay to be yourself. This is my latest boudoir session. It’s everything I described. Photographed in her home, in her own clothes.

In Her Own Words:

“I’ve done several boudoir photo shoots with Anthony over the years and I can honestly say he is the most talented photographer I’ve ever worked with. He has a way of capturing the mundane and making it look magical; it’s as if his photos have a heartbeat. Every time we work together, he produces dozens and dozens of beautiful, unique images that capture exactly the vibe that I was going for. Further, he is SO RESPECTFUL, authentic, intelligent, funny, and an overall joy to work with. I highly recommend Anthony Gauna Photography.”


Anthony Gauna

Photographer, San Antonio, TX

Anthony Gauna has been providing wedding and portrait photography services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 2012. He is considered one of the top photographers in San Antonio by Expertise, Peerspace, Giggster, and WeddingRule.


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