Ruth & Ben’s San Antonio elopement was honestly the very first elopement I’ve photographed. I’ve photographed a few weddings with very few people, but this was the first time there were no guests present. It was just Ruth, Ben, the officiant for the ceremony, and myself. We almost thought I would have to sign their marriage license as a witness. Lol. Turned out the county didn’t require one.

The whole day was beautiful, peaceful, and intimate. We even almost thought we were going to get kicked by the donkeys. And by we, I mean me. Lol. Turned out they were just hungry.

For the photographers interested, I shot with a mixture of my Fuji X Pro2, Nikon D750, and Nikon D600. However, I mostly just used the Fuji X Pro2. All photos were edited with my signature AGP Presets.

Anthony Gauna Photography Couple's First Look San Antonio Elopement San Antonio Elopement San Antonio Elopement Anthony Gauna Photography Anthony Gauna Photography San Antonio ElopementSan Antonio Elopement San Antonio Elopement