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Anthony Gauna

Photographer, San Antonio, TX

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2020 has been such a crazy year. Amy + Joe‘s wedding was originally going to be at the beginning of the year right around when the pandemic hit. I knew it was going to get chaotic once all my couples began to reach out as to what the next plan of action was. This was nothing I or any of us had ever experienced before. I was so scared. All I knew was that I was going to work closely with all my couples to do what I can to get them rescheduled.

Amy and Joe were the first of my couples to reach out to talk over the phone. I remember being terrified about the unknown of what we were going to talk about. But honestly, all my couples are amazing. Amy and Joe along with all my other couples were so kind and understanding about the situation. I literally cried tears in relief and in gratitude after my phone call with Amy and Joe.

We were able to reschedule their wedding to this October thinking all this would be over by then. Once we all realized that we were all wrong about the future, they decided to have a very small elopement at Pedernales Falls State Park in Johnson City, TX. They invited 15 family members to be a part of it.

It was absolutely beautiful. After their portrait session, me, Amy, and Joe were heading back to our cars. I asked how they were feeling. Although they are still planning to have a wedding anniversary celebration next year, they said they were so happy they eloped with just close loved ones. They felt it was more like them and was not stressful one bit.

I couldn’t agree more. Elopements are becoming my favorite thing to photograph because they’re so intimate. Plus, I had way more time to do whatever the heck I wanted when it came to their portraits. Scroll through to see some of the highlights of their wonderful day.

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Anthony Gauna

Photographer, San Antonio, TX

Anthony Gauna has been providing wedding and portrait photography services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 2012. He is considered one of the top photographers in San Antonio by Expertise, Peerspace, Giggster, and WeddingRule.


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