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I recently had my first session of 2021. And boy was a blast. After doing this as a means of living for over 8 years at this point, I’ve never been much of a proposal photographer in San Antonio. This was only my second proposal. And little did I know I was going to be interacting along with the surprise.

First off, I gotta give it up to Phong. He put a lot of time and effort into planning this. It was so important that it be a special surprise. He contacted me way in advance. On our initial Zoom call, he and I wound up talking for about 2 hours. After all the plans were laid out and details told, we opened beers and just talked about many different things. After our call, my wife said, “Sounds like you two were having a lot of fun”. Lol. A week prior to the proposal, he came out with me to scope out the exact spot he wanted and we came up with what happened yesterday.

I showed up early so that I could snag the spot. When I arrived, there were 3 people sitting there. I decided to wait to tell them until it got closer to the proposal time. But then right as I was about to tell them, about 8 more people showed up to hang out with them. Lol. All drinking wine and having a great time. Immediately I broke the bad news and told them there was going to be a proposal there. I handed them a business card and felt so bad kicking them out. They were thrilled though that they were also in on the secret.

When P+M arrived, I was hanging out in the area ignoring them and scrolling on Instagram. I had my small camera wrapped around me, which is honestly normal for me. Lol. Phong called out to me and asked if I could take a picture of them. They handed me their phone and I took a few pictures. They looked and asked if I could take one more. Then he said, “Hey you’ve got a camera on you, do you mind taking a picture with that”? I responded, “I mean, I guess just give me your email and I can send it to you. But just a heads up, I’m not that good”.

Right then and there, he dropped to his knee and proposed to Megan. The group I asked to move out of the spot was in the background cheering. I had a great time hanging out with these two cuties. It was a great way to start off my 2021.

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